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The 28-year-old Stunner Turned Heads When Olivia Wilde Stepped Out In A Grey

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Olivia Wilde is a the big screen celeb that has captured the hearts of movie goers. Her flicks bust box offices all over the world on opening weekend. Boys all over the world have voted Olivia Wilde as a top thespian when it comes to sex appeal. She could be at her table waiting for her name to be called this year at the Golden Globes.. Remember, Lve Celebs will keep keep you up to date on the breaking Olivia Wilde updates everyone is talking about.

Love the Look! Olivia Wilde Is Sheerly Gorgeous in Grey (PHOTOS) Olivia Wilde sure loves her sheer dresses… and we love seeing her in them! The 28-year-old stunner turned heads when she stepped out in a grey number at the Jameson Empire Awards this Sunday. Along with Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford, Olivia was there to hand out hardware to the UK’s finest actors and actresses….Read more» [link]