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“Sucker Punch” Actress Emily Browning Looks Horrible

The 23 year old actress Emily Browning has been looking older beyond her years with all of that disgusting cigarette smoking and butch bleach hair job. Browning looked especially bad as she and her boyfriend were leaving Amoeba Music after shopping in Hollywood, California as she was holding a cigarette in her hand. Instead of shopping she should invest time in having her hair professional done by experts instead of an do it yourself at home kit. Read about what other celebrities are doing by checking out Party Girl Leona Lewis Seen At The Rose Bar.

Rain Or Shine Stacy Keibler Will Be Out Shopping

Stacy Keibler, better known has George Clooney’s girlfriend, doesn’t let the bad weather stop her from shopping in New York City. The actress and model has been loving to shop as she is constantly buying new clothes to impress her boyfriend as the world knows he gets bored easily. Keibler hasn’t done much, but talk about how amazing her relationship is and that she is confident that one day soon he will be asking her out. Keibler often updates her Twitter account so take a look over @StacyKeibler to see what she has been up too. Don’t forget to read about Sexy Actress Sofia Vergara Is Pregnant as you don’t want to miss this celebrity news.

“Jersey Shore” Deena Nicole Cortese Dressed To Impress

Deena Nicole Cortese was dressed pretty decent for her promotional duties that were held at the Sirius Radio studios. This is the last season of Jersey Shore and even though Cortese was rejected for season one of the show, but was later asked to join when Angelina Pivarnick permanently left the show during season 2. The producers asked her o joined as per request of her good old friend Snooki. Stay in contact with the meatball @DeenaNicoleMTV on Twitter and read about good pal JWoww Shows Off Engagement Ring At Sirius Radio Studios.

Gossip Girl Actress Blake Lively Is NOT Pregnant

Blake Lively from Gossip Girl recently married Ryan Reynolds in a private wedding in which no one knew about prior and that is how they were able to keep it a secret. Shortly after the wedding the orange juiceors of Lively being pregnant emerged as one of the reasons why Reynolds put a ring on her finger. The stars representative has quickly released a statement stating that this is not true. Read about Jennifer Lawrence On Set Of The Hunger Games Catching Fire is simply amazing. This young actress is going places in the industry.

Celebrity Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund Rushed Through Airport

The celebrity couple Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund had to rush through the fans and into the airport as they were already late for their flight. Usually the couple would stop and greet fans, but this time they simply couldn’t. The two seemed to have enjoyed themselves while they attended the Toronto International Film Festival.

Disney Star Styles Hair

Yesterday future Ms. Liam Hemsworth came to the conclusion that she was going to style her hair style. Devoted fanatics worldwide met the decision with frustration. The news dashed through the Twitter world as Hannah Montana posted the self pics of her changed hair style. Well known hair stylist Chris McMillan magically made the deed of changing her hair to mixed lengths. All the while he kept Cyrus’ All-American feel. Everyone guessed her plans for her wedding with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth considering her new hairstyle. But for sure both Billy Ray Cyrus and her future husband definitely loved her change. The photo is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.

Ex Disney Star Miley Cyrus Sports A Boy Haircut

Miley Cyrus makes the decision to wreck the social media community when she shared a new photo of herself with her hair chopped off. Ms. Cyrus had famous hair cutter Chris McMillan chop all of her medium length locks completely off and she relish every moment of attention she is having. Miley Cyrus tries her best to not be the wholesome little girl that most fans see her as. A lot of people are totally hoping that she makes arrangements to wear hair extensions for her wedding though, because that shaved head look is odd. Cyrus’ future husband has to be absolutely in love with her because that hair style is something else. The image is courtesy of Twitter.